WHIPPLE W510R 8.3L 671-1471 Repalcement Supercharger

WHIPPLE W510R 8.3L 671-1471 Repalcement Supercharger



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The W510R (8.3 Liter) twin-screw supercharger was designed from the ground up to make a simple upgrade to outdated technology such as the 671-1471 roots-type supercharger. Gains of nearly 300hp have been achieved at boost levels of 15psi of boost in some applications giving engines new life and the power everyone craves!

Utilizing a 1071 as its inspiration for fitment, Whipple engineers developed a top entry twin-screw that is interchangeable with 671-1471 roots blowers on applications today. With the standard roots-type opening on top making carb adapters and injector hats a simple swap, Whipple also incorporated the standard roots-type drive snout style to help with easy conversions allowing customers to use their drive snouts in most cases.

The W510R doesn’t stop there though, using some later technology, each Whipple W510R features a bypass valve system which equalizes the pressure above and below the supercharger. This helps reduce idle surge, power consumption and discharge temps during vacuum operation.

Whether you’re running gasoline, E85, E98 or methanol, the Whipple W510R can help extract far greater power levels from your engine.

  • 8.3 Liter per revolution, 510 cubic inch twin-screw type compressor
  • Max speed of 12,000rpm
  • Max boost level 25psi
  • Special conformal PTFE based rotor coating for incredible performance
  • Uses standard roots-type drive snouts
  • Uses standard 8mm and 14mm drive systems
  • Standard Enderle type top opening
  • Air bypass system for reduced idle surge and lower power consumption during vacuum operation
  • 700-1500HP range on gasoline
  • Fits all 671-1471 type intake manifolds
  • Unique billet discharge plate for incredible air/fuel distribution

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