Whipple W200-R Head Unit 3.3L (Direct-Drive Ready)

Whipple W200-R Head Unit 3.3L (Direct-Drive Ready)


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Whipple Superchargers

If you’re interested in building your own supercharger packages for kit
to resale to the general public, there is no better supercharger than a Whipple
Twin Screw Compressor. OEM manufactures utilize positive displacement superchargers
due to their incredible throttle response and drive-ability of a big cubic inch
motor. When building a system for the consumers, you must provide a very broad
power ban with a high peak horsepower level, only the screw compressor can give
you this. This is due to the high adiabatic (up to 80%) and volumetric efficiency
levels (up to 99.9%). The Whipple screw compressor is the latest generation,
durable and dependable performance-enhancing item ever designed for either low
boost or high boost levels. Available in a complete unit or a “rotor assembly”
for builders own housings.

The screw compressor is by far the best supercharger available today; it’s
the only supercharger to provide a positive displacement design for maximum
low-end torque as well as high efficiency for maximum top-end horsepower. No
other supercharger in the world can offer the same unique benefits. Centrifugals
and turbos have tremendous lag time during shift points, on-off throttle and
off the line boost. Roots-type superchargers have been proven to not be very
efficient, especially at higher boost levels. Whipple Superchargers has a variety
of screw compressors for all types of applications, anywhere from a 100 cubic
inch compressor to the 510 cubic inch compressor. Whipple also has a wide assortment
of drive lengths, pulley combinations and bypass valves for all types of applications.


  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Comparison data shows a significant improvement (W140ax-Green) vs. the previous
    generation 2.3 liter (Blue) on back-to-back testing.
  • Superior noise level in comparison to previous design, virtually noise free
  • High flow rotor coating for increased efficiency and increased durability.
  • Increased bearing lubrication for lower operating temps and increased durability.
  • Serviceable supercharger, replaceable and upgradeable component design.
  • More robust design, double angular front bearing and sealed roller rear
    bearing for improved reliability.
  • Oil sight glass for proper oil level inspection.
  • 100,000 mile oil change intervals.


  • Positive displacement twin screw design has the highest efficiency of all
    superchargers including roots and centrifugal
  • Higher efficiency means more power at all rpm levels
  • Unique Whipple twin screw design provides the largest power gains across
    entire rpm range
  • Latest screw compressor rotor profile designed today, offering superior
    flow vs. efficiency vs. physical dimensions
  • Conformal rotor coating for increased performance
  • Lowest tolerance level of all aftermarket positive displacement superchargers,
    offering the highest quality
  • Low tolerance levels increase performance across entire rpm operating range
  • Double angular front bearings for superior strength and durability
  • Rear roller bearing, with double seal for superior durability
  • Precision cut helical gears for precise rotor clearances, for superior performance
    and low noise levels
  • Rear bearing out design for increased clearance for packaging restraints
  • Serviceable and upgradable design for superior longevity
  • Similar screw compressor design as the Ford GT supercar
  • Similar screw compressor technology that Mercedes has utilized on all their
    latest vehicles including the 600hp McLaren SLR, E55AMG, S55, CL55, SLK32
    and SL55
  • Dyno proven to produce more horsepower and torque than any other supercharger
    throughout the entire rpm range
  • Industry leading near-zero noise levels (db)
  • 100,000 mile oil change intervals
  • Marine approved rotor coating
  • Unmistakable industry leading fit and finish
  • True technological leader in supercharger industry

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