Whipple Superchargers 2023-2024 Raptor R 3.8L Upgrade

Whipple Superchargers 2023-2024 Raptor R 3.8L Upgrade



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Elevate your Ford Raptor R to new heights of performance with Whipple Superchargers. Our groundbreaking bolt-on supercharger system stands as the only 50-state legal upgrade of its kind, redefining power and efficiency.
Whipple’s comprehensive system includes a precision-machined, 132mm billet throttle body and a high-flow oversized air filter, ensuring your engine has access to all the air it needs. However, the crown jewel of their system is the patented intercooler design. The discharged air circulates through each intercooler twice, effectively doubling the cooling capacity compared to the stock IC core. The dual cores feature a 1-inch capacity for both inlet and outlet, allowing nearly double the water flow. Additionally, the oversized lid is expertly designed to maintain air velocity, optimizing the Coyote engine’s output.
In the Raptor R, it comfortably delivers an astonishing 975HP on 93 octane fuel with a completely stock engine and exhaust system, all at just 15psi of boost. That’s a staggering 275HP gain over the stock setup, while still maintaining 50-state legality.
Every Whipple upgrade system includes the advanced Whipple Tomahawk V2 flash tool, offering straightforward calibration delivery and enhanced data logging. The package also features a billet -8 fuel rail, 1/2-inch fuel line, billet adjustable idler plate and pulleys, an intercooler vent system, SC belt, and all necessary hardware for a seamless installation. No additional modifications are needed.
  • 50 State Legal CARB EO #D-231-99
  • Fits all Ford Raptor R 23-24 MY
  • Black Finish, other colors available at additional calls, contact us for more info.

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Weight 189 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 31 × 17 in