Whipple Supercharger Rebuild Service

Whipple Supercharger Rebuild Service



Whipple Supercharger Rebuild and Repair Service

SCOL is a factory-authorized Whipple repair and rebuilding center. Call our rebuild specialists at 818-518-9889 or email us at Sales@SuperchargersOnline.com for details on how to ship your supercharger to us for repair or rebuilding.

We have the equipment, knowledge, expertise and authorized Whipple Replacement Parts to rebuild or repair your Whipple Supercharger to factory specifications. We’ve even designed special tools and equipment to rebuild your supercharger to the correct tolerances, and we’re the only supercharger service company approved by Whipple.

If your Whipple supercharger is noisy, or making growling, rattling, or grinding sounds it may need to be rebuilt.  Your supercharger is a precision instrument built to tight tolerances. Don’t trust your supercharger rebuild to just anyone, as using knock-off parts or taking shortcuts will ultimately reduce power, reliability, and longevity of your supercharger.

Stage 1:

This service covers a standard rebuild of your Whipple supercharger including:

  • Complete tear down and inspection of your supercharger
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • NEW Nose Drive Bearings
  • NEW ByPass Bearings
  • NEW Housing Bearings
  • NEW coupler
  • NEW Hubs and NEW Oil
  • Tested on our supercharger dyno before shipment

Stage 2:

This service covers a Stage 1 rebuild of your Whipple supercharger PLUS:

  • New Whipple Rotors

Please contact our rebuild specialist to acquire an R/O# and shipping instructions before you ship your Whipple supercharger to our repair facility.

Please note there is a $225.00 inspection fee, this fee is charged ONLY if you choose not to repair the supercharger.