Vortech Universal Mondo Racing Bypass Valve (Satin)

Vortech Universal Mondo Racing Bypass Valve (Satin)


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Universal Mondo Racing Bypass Valve

Mondo Racing By-Pass Valve Assembly for high-output race supercharger applications.
The by-pass valve acts as a pressure-release valve that relieves un-needed and
potentially hazardous pressures created by the supercharger by recirculating
it through the supercharger for later use. The benefits include smoother idling,
due to a reduction in blower surge, and protection against damaging head gaskets
amongst other engine parts. By-pass kits are highly recommended for all supercharger
applications and are required for superchargers with 7psi or higher boost ratings.


  • Flows 600+
    CFM @ 10 PSI
  • Designed for
    large displacement, high horsepower racing engines
  • Includes gasket
    for installation (steel mounting flanges available separately here at SuperchargersOnline.com

Mondo Racing Bypass Valve requires a flange in which you need to weld onto your
Discharge Pipe. Some Discharge Pipes already have the 3 bolt flange setup.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in