Vortech 2013 Subaru BRZ Supercharger Kit (V-3, Black)

Vortech 2013 Subaru BRZ Supercharger Kit (V-3, Black)


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The fun-to-drive car is back,
and the FT86 platform is the most exciting thing to come along in years! However,
most people believe there is one thing missing… more power!

With a legendary history of improved performance through efficient boost, the
team of Engineers at Vortech have designed a kit that makes these great cars
even more enjoyable to drive.

Design, detail and execution exceed OEM standards for a look you will be excited
to show off at the car show or the track.

Boost your Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ to the next level of performance with the
new centrifugal supercharging system from Vortech.

System Features


  • Gear-driven V-3 H67BC
    centrifugal supercharger, designed specifically for the FA20 Boxer engine.
  • The V-3 features an internal
    oil reservoir. No connection between the oil pan and the compressor gear case
    is required; no oil line. Includes a remote fluid drain hose (attached to
    supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger
    from the vehicle.
  • Technologically advanced,
    high-efficiency, 5-Axis machined billet impeller and high-diffusion housing
    developed in our SAE-J1723-compliant supercharger test cell.
  • Stylized airbox and filter
    housing design allows for additional flow, while retaining the factory cold
    air ram intake. Quick release fasteners allow for simple access to filter
    for change/cleaning.
  • Integrated air/air charge
    cooler configuration features all aluminum tube ducting and an oversized cooler
    core to provide maximum cooling with minimum pressure loss.
  • Discharge duct connections
    utilize heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel
  • CNC machined billet mounting
    bracketry with black anodized finish for attractive and functional “factory-type”
    appearance and rigidity.
  • Complete bolt-on system
    including all necessary belts, pulleys and reusable high-flow air filter.

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