Vortech 2010 Camaro SS (50mm, 75T S/C Pulley & 34T Crank Pulley)

Vortech 2010 Camaro SS (50mm, 75T S/C Pulley & 34T Crank Pulley)


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2010 Camaro Cog
Drive Upgrade Assembly, 50mm x 75T/34T Cog

Non-slip supercharger drive for racing
applications. Replaces standard Vortech 10-rib supercharger drive and tensioner
on existing systems. Compatible with existing 2010 Camaro Vortech supercharger
system components.
Included Components


Hard anodized billet aluminum supercharger
pulley (choice of 30, 32 or 34 tooth)
75 tooth hard anodized billet aluminum crank pulley
Gates Powergrip GT2 belt, 50mm wide x 1600mm long (2A042-161)
Manual belt tensioner assembly featuring a hard anodized billet aluminum idler
with dual bearings
All necessary mounting hardware

Optional and Replacement

2A032-028: 28T supercharger pulley
2A032-030: 30T supercharger pulley
2A032-032: 32T supercharger pulley
2A032-034: 34T supercharger pulley
4MA018-070: 70T x 2.5” wide crank pulley
4MA018-075: 75T x 2.5” wide crank pulley (included in upgrade assemblies)
4MA018-080: 80T x 2.5” wide crank pulley

Custom Tuning Required

Custom ECM programming and fuel /
ignition system upgrades will be required when changing the supercharger drive
pulley to any size other than what was originally supplied in the complete supercharger
Heavy-Duty Supercharger Required

This upgrade is only intended to
be used with HEAVY DUTY (H/D) Vortech supercharger units. Pairing of this system
with any non-H/D supercharger will likely cause supercharger unit failure.
Pulley Removal May Void Warranty

Supercharger pulley removal may reduce
or void the supercharger unit warranty.
Pulley Diameter Changes

Careful size selection is mandatory
for proper engine and supercharger longevity. Contact the Vortech Tech Line
for assistance with impeller speed calculations if necessary.
Maxflow Mondo or BV57 Bypass Valve Required

A Vortech Maxflow Mondo or BV57 compressor
bypass valve is required for applications exceeding 12 psig.



Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in