Vortech 2010 Camaro Fuel Pump Voltage Booster

Vortech 2010 Camaro Fuel Pump Voltage Booster


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Camaro Fuel Pump Voltage Booster Now Available!

all you 5th Generation Camaro guys out there, making serious power with these
cars means running into fuel supply issues. We have heard your cries for help,
and are responding with our new programmable fuel pump voltage booster.

for vehicles making in excess of 500rwhp, this unit eliminates fuel pressure
drop during high demand conditions, and will provide a stable 18-19 volt power
supply to the OEM fuel pump. Removal of factory fuel pump or fuel tank is not
required for installation, and control module mounts inside the trunk, in an
out of the way location. Includes voltage control module, instruction sheet,
and all necessary wiring. Installation time is 1-2 hours, and is compatible
with most types/brands of aftermarket forced induction systems.

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