Vortech 1998 Mustang Cobra Water Tank Replacement

Vortech 1998 Mustang Cobra Water Tank Replacement


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Water Tank Replacement for 1998 Cobra with Aftercooler


new charge cooler cooling system upgrade for the factory supercharged 2003-2004
Mustang Cobra. This system eliminates the factory charge cooler water surge
tank and replaces it with a larger capacity storage reservoir.


  • High volume,
    roto-molded plastic charge cooler water storage reservoir with drain valve
    and large diameter fill port (for simple addition of ice)
  • Hoses, clamps,
    connectors and plumbing


  • Approximately
    940% increase in water storage volume (over the factory application) equals
    greater charge cooling capacity. The low volume factory surge tank arrangement
    is quickly heat soaked in “heavy use” application
  • Greater charge
    temperature reductions are now also possible with the addition of cold water/ice
    into the supplied reservoir


  • Battery relocation
    is required and relocation components are not included in this cooling system
    upgrade. Many customers may already have this relocation performed. Up-sell
    the optional Vortech p/n 8N150-010 relocation kit to those who still have
    the battery in the factory location. This is a complete relocation assembly
    that includes cable and ends, NHRA legal aluminum box, vent and hardware
  • The factory
    battery tray is used to secure the Vortech water reservoir. Light modification
    to the battery tray is required


  • 11″ Length
  • 7″ Wide
  • 6 3/4″
    Tall (Front)
  • 7 3/4″
    Tall (Back)
  • 2 Gallon

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in