VMP BY PWR 03-04 Cobra Terminator 87MM race intercooler core upgrade

VMP BY PWR 03-04 Cobra Terminator 87MM race intercooler core upgrade



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Includes: 10x black allen head M5 x .8 x 16mm bolts and loctite for mounting the intercooler core.

After extensive field testing its here! Finally an 03-04 Cobra intercooler upgrade that performs.

The VMP by PWR core is designed to be an upgrade for Cobras at all power and boost levels.

The core is designed to work with the stock water manifold using the optional transition tubes (see related items), or can be used with “flow mods” currently on the market.

Higher flowing pumps will help, but are not required for this core to work. Minimum water flow rate 4.5 GPM (OEM Bosch pump).

Cobra Engineering water manifold will is be available for this core with 1″ in/out fittings. (VMP-SUC061)

***Flow Tubes MUST be purchased to make this intercooler work in your car unless you are using the VMP-SUC061. See related items below to identify the flow tubes needed.

  • Direct replacement with stock-sized flow tubes (PN: VMP-SUC030)
  • Transition flow tubes available for other brand 1″ lines (PN: VMP-SUC043)
  • Bar and plate style for efficiency and durability
  • 87mm thick core for the best cooling performance
  • 13% or 12mm wider than stock (maximum width allowed by mounting bolt pattern)
  • Increased flow area reduces pressure drop and improves cooling
  • 25% decrease in peak downstream air temps during a WOT pull or 1/4mi pass
  • Improved tube design compared to stock
  • More efficient air-side fine design compared to stock
  • Low water-side restriction allows high performance pumps (EMP, etc) to see a drastic increase in flow over the restrictive stock core.
  • 50 State Legal E.O # D-846-1

Supported Vehicles

  • 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra
  • 2004 Ford Mustang Cobra