ProCharger Marine Supercharger Systems Big Block – Modified GM

ProCharger Marine Supercharger Systems Big Block – Modified GM

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Big Block – Modified/GM

The ProCharger Advantage: Nothing Else Even Comes Close!

Accessible Technologies was the first to introduce the tremendous benefits of intercooled centrifugal supercharging to the marine market, over 4 years before others, and has become the proven leader in marine supercharging. ProCharger Marine systems offer absolutely unparalleled performance and reliability for the extremely demanding marine environment, and are available for both EFI/MPI and carbureted applications. As you may know, ProCharger is now available as OEM equipment from many of the leading performance boat manufacturers, and Accessible Technologies now produces more supercharger systems to fit Mercruiser-equipped boats than any other supercharger company.

ProCharger Marine systems are thoroughly evaluated through both performance and longevity testing during design, both on the dyno and in the water. Once in production, bench testing and quality assurance for individual components is performed prior to shipment. To help ensure that ProCharger Marine products are the best available, ATI has invested in the industry’s most powerful supercharger test cell, as well as a 1,600 hp dynometer and the largest company-owned fleet of test boats in the industry.

3900 Nor-Tech Super V
Twin 510 ci BB Chevys
Intercooled M-4SC’s
Top Speed: 120 mph
10 psi 1100 6,300 32″4bl 17/35
Carerra 257
Modified 565
Intercooled M-3
Top Speed: 115 mph
9 psi N/A 5,800 32″4bl modified
26′ DCB Mach 26
598 BBC
Intercooled M-5
Top Speed: 144 mph
10 psi 1372* 6,200 32″4bl 1.35XR 144
42′ Fountain (’97 hull)
Twin Modified HP 500’s
Intercooled M-4’s
GAIN: 31 mph
10 psi 1100 6,000 28″4bl modified
26′ Eliminator Daytona
Modified 540
Intercooled M-4
Top Speed: 120 mph
13 psi 1215 6,000 N/A N/A 120


38′ Eliminator Eagle (V Bottom)
Twin Modified 555’s
Intercooled M-4SC’s
Top Speed: 110 mph
9 psi 1010 5,800 32″4bl 1.34
24′ HTM
Modified 565
Intercooled M-4
Top Speed: 143 mph
12 psi 1535 6,900 32″4bl 1.30
22′ Ultra Jet Boat
Modified 502
Intercooled M-3
Top Speed: 80 mph
8 psi N/A N/A N/A Dominator
46′ Cougar (V Bottom)
Triple Modified 540’s
Intercooled M-3’s
Top Speed: 103 mph
10 psi 910 5,800 N/A modified

Revolutionary Self-Contained ProChargers

The M-1SC and M-3SC ProCharger models are the first and only gear-driven centrifugal superchargers to feature self-lubrication. These SC ProCharger models share many of the design elements which deliver the record-setting durability and performance of the M-3 and M-4 ProCharger competition superchargers, and are also designed for quiet operation. With their rugged design, SC ProChargers are the only self-contained superchargers durable enough to be backed with a 3 year warranty and powerful enough to fully harness the benefits of intercooling.

The patented design eliminates the need for oil lines and punching a hole in the oil pan, thanks to an exclusive oil pump, which aerates the oil to create the oil mist lubrication required by the precision bearings and gears. This oil pump (aeration pump) does not require priming at start-up, and oil changes are required only every 100 hours (except for 10 hours after initial break-in period). The combination of the premium synthetic oil utilized in SC models and the advanced SC transmission design results in less parasitic load and lower operating temperatures than any supercharger which utilizes the engine oil system, and these advantages enable SC models to produce even more power. SC ProChargers also features an internal step-up ratio of 4.10:1 for improved belt tracking and traction, and improved performance and belt life.

Thanks to this new technology, the industry leading power and durability of gear-driven centrifugal superchargers is
now available without tapping into the engine oil system. The M-1SC and M-3SC supports up to 850 and 975 horsepower, respectively, and have been rigorously tested for load and continuous duty. These SC models are available as an upgrade to the oil-fed M-1 and M-3 at the time of initial purchase; the extremely popular current ProCharger line will continue to be available as well.


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