Paxton Dual Inlet PowerHat Carburetor Hat Assembly (Satin)

Paxton Dual Inlet PowerHat Carburetor Hat Assembly (Satin)


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Paxton Dual Inlet PowerHat Universal Carburetor Hat Assembly (Satin)

The New Paxton Carburetor PowerHat™ Uses Diffusion Technology To Blow
Away The Competition

our quest to consistently bring our customers the highest quality of forced
induction technology products, we are proud to bring you the new Paxton PowerHat™.
The PowerHat™ is a cast aluminum carburetor hat assembly designed to work
on “blow-though” applications with Quickfuel, Demon or Holley 4150-type
4 barrel carburetors with mechanical secondaries (may require rejetting/minor
carburetor modification). Featuring a low-profile design measuring only 3.2?
in overall height, and permits near 360 degree rotation for universal fitment.
The integrated air management features and diffuser element reduce jetting and
other issues associated with tradional “carb hats”. Available in
single entry or dual entry designs, each with 3? diameter inlet port/ports.
Includes sealing gaskets and all necessary mounting hardware for attachment
to Holley 4150-type carburetors (standard 5? filter mount).

to work on normally aspirated and boosted “blow-through” applications.
Supercharged “blow-through” applications may require rejetting/minor
carburetor modification. Compatible carburetors include Quickfuel, Demon, or
Holley 4150-type 4 barrel carburetors with mechanical secondaries. Recommended
carburetor for most applications: Quickfuel Part Number: Q-750-BAN.


  • 13″
  • 14.50″
    From Back to PowerHat to the farthest part of the Outlet
  • 3.50″
  • 3″ Diameter
    Outlet Ports
  • 5.75″
    Gap between Oulets (Dual Outlet Only)

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in