NOVI-2000 RACE, Reverse Rotation, Straight Dischage (Polished)

NOVI-2000 RACE, Reverse Rotation, Straight Dischage (Polished)


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Novi 2000 Head Unit

original NOVI-2000 is te centrifugal supercharger that revolutionized the supercharger
industry in 1995, and remains Paxton Automotive’s most popular supercharger
today. Though the NOVI’s unique impeller design and compact scroll housing make
it capable of producing 27 psi of boost and sustaining 900+ horsepower, most
Paxton Automotive NOVI-2000 systems are designed to deliver 8 psi of boost.
This moderate boost level delivers maximum power and torque, yet is safe for
today’s engines running on 91 octane or better unleaded pump gasoline. A horsepower
gain of up to 50% on most big and small block V8 engines is typical without
a loss of fuel economy in cruise situations.


Note:: Race
versions has the inside of the volute is smoothed out.

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