Fuel Injector Cleaning Service (per injector)

Fuel Injector Cleaning Service (per injector)



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Clean fuel injectors are essential for maximizing power and drivability. We offer ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning using state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading turnaround times. Send us your injectors, and within two days we will clean and flow test your injectors, replace the o-rings, and ship them back to you in two days. Shipping is free via 2-day FedEx anywhere in the continental USA.

We can clean both port-injection fuel injection, and direct-injection injectors.

To order, specify the number of injectors, and whether you require rush service. We will follow up with instructions on how to ship your injectors to us. Note that the pricing is Per Injector, so you will need to specify 8 injectors, for example, if you are sending in a set of 8 for an LS, LT, Hemi, Coyote, etc.

Our fuel injector service includes:

  • Initial inspection and flow testing: We inspect and test your injectors when we receive them, including inspecting for leaks, pulse operation, flow rate, and spray pattern.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning: Our brand new, state of the art equipment gives your injectors an ultrasonic bath, pulses, and flushes your injectors to remove deposits and debris. The cleaning will have your injectors looking and functioning like new.
  • Final testing: We flow test your injectors before shipping to ensure that they are performing at their optimum.
  • Flow data sheet: We will send you the flow data sheet that shows you the difference between the initial test, and the final test after cleaning.
  • Seal and filter replacement: We replace your injector seals as part of our cleaning service. Please include your original seals so that we can match them.

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