Extreme Velocity PRO 4150 Carburetor O-Ring Carb Hat (Satin)

Extreme Velocity PRO 4150 Carburetor O-Ring Carb Hat (Satin)


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Extreme Velocity Carb Hat with O-Ring for 4150 Style Carburetor (Satin)
Extreme Velocity Air Intake System

you want more performance out of your car or truck? The patented Airflow technology
of the Extreme Velocity system utilizes a special hi-flow design which will
reduce the turbulence and eliminate restriction to the air that flows into your
carburetor or throttle body. This, in turn, increases intake-tract air speed
for increases in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Smoother airflow = more

is crucial that the incoming air charge is properly presented to the venturi/boosters
in order to provide optimum fuel atomization. Our computer designed air diverter
blade keeps the incoming air attached to the short side radius, a must if you
want to build BIG horsepower numbers. Less turbulence, more airflow, and better
fuel atomization is what you’ll get! = MORE POWER!

O-Ringed version! The O-Ringed version of the Extreme Velocity 4150 Carb Hat
provides the ultimate seal for your supercharging or turbocharging application.

it fits:

  • Naturally
    Aspirated engines
  • Centrifugally
  • Turbocharged
  • Ram Air/Cold
    Air induction Systems
  • Standard (Holley
    style) 5″ round carburetor/throttle body flange
  • Measure your
    engine compartment for clearance: 4″ high x 10″ long with 3 1/2″
    inlet diameter

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Weight 8 lbs