Eaton / SCOL Synthetic Supercharger Oil 8 OZ

Eaton / SCOL Synthetic Supercharger Oil 8 OZ




8 OZ (237 ml) bottle of Eaton synthetic supercharger oil. We package in an 8oz bottle, which covers the amount needed in virtually every Eaton supercharger (see our fill amount chart). You should drain and replace your supercharger oil any time your supercharger has been apart, or in high-mileage cars and extreme performance/modified vehicles.

This is the same synthetic supercharger oil used by Eaton in all of the Eaton factory/OE superchargers, such as the GM, Ford, Jaguar, Audi and Mini units. It’s also the same oil used by Magnuson and Edelbrock in their aftermarket superchargers. This is the only supercharger oil we trust in our own rebuilds, as it’s specially formulated to withstand the high RPMs generated in Eaton supercharger bearings.

Beware of the online pundits who say you can use any synthetic motor oil in your supercharger, because you can’t. Eaton superchargers can spin at over 20,000 rpm, and the Eaton oil is specially formulated to lubricate a sealed unit for over 100,000 miles in regular use and un-modified form. Many of the supercharger failures we see in the field are from using the wrong oil, and often result in an expensive complete rebuild.

Equivalent to 2 bottles of AC Delco 10-4041 and GM Parts 12345982 (4 oz), Ford XL4 oil (4 oz), and Audi G070000A1 (150 ml).

For use in:

  • Eaton Superchargers:
    • GM superchargers used on the LSA and LT4 (CTS-V, Camaro Zl1), LS9 and LT5 (Corvette ZR1), GM 3800 V6
    • Audi superchargers used on the 3.0L FSI V6
    • Jaguar and Range Rover V6 and V8 superchargers
    • Ford superchargers, such as the Shelby GT 500, Ford Lightning, Cobra, Harley Davidson F-150
    • Mini Cooper S
    • Mercedes M111 and M271
    • And all other Eaton-built OE superchargers, including M45, M62, M90, M112, M122 and all TVS series
  •  Magnuson Superchargers
  • Roush Superchargers
  • Edelbrock E-Force Superchargers
  • Harrop Superchargers

Supported Vehicles

  • Universal

Additional information

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