Eaton Snout / Nose Coupling Service Kit

Eaton Snout / Nose Coupling Service Kit



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Eaton Nose Cone Coupler Service Kit

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This is a simple fix to the noise you may be hearing from your Eaton Supercharger.
If you hear a growling / rattling noise mainly at idle and as your supercharger speeds
up it softens up, then your coupler may be worn out. This service kit will help
fix the noise and prevent you from doing further damage to your supercharger.  Please contact us with any fitment questions 818-518-9889


  • Eaton Supercharger
  • Supercharger
  • Gasket Maker

If your supercharger is leaking oil, or making a squealing noise then it may
be to late for this kit. A supercharger rebuild is needed if you do not service
your supercharger in time.  Contact us for rebuild pricing 818-518-9889


Supported Vehicles

  • Universal

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