35mm, 27 Tooth Vortech Supercharger Cog Drive Pulley

35mm, 27 Tooth Vortech Supercharger Cog Drive Pulley


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and Paxton Supercharger Drive Pulleys

Vortech Cog Style
Supercharger Pulleys with an 8mm Pitch are machined from
6061 T-6, hard anodized aluminum with the proper profile to maximize surface
contact area for precise fit. Each pulley is built to SAE standards. Cog pulleys
must only be used with applications that employ H/D superchargers and Vortech
Race Bypass Valves.


A change in
one pulley size will usually effect boost 1-2 PSIG… down in diameter, up
in boost and vice versa.

easiest and most effective way to get more power from your supercharged motor.

  • Made of 6061
    T-6 aluminum, hard anodized and built to SAE standards.
  • CNC machined
    for maximum surface contact.
  • Use caution
    when changing supercharger pulleys.
  • It is recommended
    that a By-Pass Valve is installed when installing a smaller than stock pulley.
  • Designed to
    fit most Vortech heavy duty Head Units

Will not work on, Vortech V20-V28 Series, Novi 1000 and Novi 2000 Head Units.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in