2005-2006 Mustang with 4.6L (Novi 2200 Intercooled, Satin)

2005-2006 Mustang with 4.6L (Novi 2200 Intercooled, Satin)



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Novi 2200 Air-to-Air Intercooled Supercharger System for 2005-2008 Ford Mustang
with 4.6L

2005-2008 Ford Mustang complete supercharging systems are the ultimate for the
street in a bolt-on package. From the new powerful NOVI 2200 gear-driven centrifugal
supercharger to the integrated air/air charge cooler you’ll have power on demand
at any time. It’s easy to see why Paxton has been a supercharging tradition
spanning more than four decades.

Components and Features

  • Novi 2200
    compressor with 3.40” drive pulley
  • Oil Feed and
    Oil Drain Assemblies
  • Manifold
    boost pressure: 10-11 psig @ redline on stock engine
  • Supplied
    Diablosport Predator programmer re-flashes the ECM with a safe, custom Paxton
    calibration for 91-octane fuel. Other benefits include:

    • Live
      data monitoring and diagnostics
    • Logging
    • Reading
      and resetting DTC’s
  • Fuel system
    upgrade includes: High flow replacement fuel injectors 255 lph “in-tank”
    fuel pump with harness. Used in conjunction with the OEM in-tank pump to
    provide a dual-pump configuration.
  • Air inlet
    assembly includes:

    • Roto-molded
    • Silicone
    • Stainless
      steel clamps
    • 98 mm
      MAF meter housing with filter
    • Diablosport
      MAF interface adapter for extended meter range
    • Air filter
      and shield
  • Includes
    replacement engine coolant pipes and hose assemblies
  • Billet aluminum
    supercharger mounting bracket assembly includes idlers, drive belt and all
  • Air-air charge
    cooler assembly includes:

    • Massive
      24” x 13” x 3.5” thick charge cooler core assembly. Capable of supporting
      up to 900 hp
    • Silicone
      sleeves, stainless steel clamps, twin Bosch compressor bypass valves
    • Mandrel
      bent 3” aluminum charge tubes for high flow and minimal weight
    • Cast
      aluminum throttle body duct
  • Installation
    time is rated at 13-16 hours


  • Due to the fuel system design on this vehicle, special ECM reprogramming
    will be required when additional aftermarket parts are added such as an
    MAF meter, enhanced air inlet ducting, smaller supercharger drive pulleys,
    large diameter headers/exhaust etc.

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