1986-1993 Ford Mustang with 5.0L (Novi 1220SL, Polished)

1986-1993 Ford Mustang with 5.0L (Novi 1220SL, Polished)



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Paxton Mustang 5.0 kits for 1986-1993 models equipped with a new internally
lubricated Novi SL (or “self-lubricated”) supercharger are now available for


  • Novi 1220SL
    supercharger with 3.80 drive pulley
  • Manifold boost
    pressure: 5-6 psig @ redline
  • Fuel system
    upgrade includes boost dependent fuel management unit
  • Dedicated
    8-rib supercharger drive with premium belt, hardware and belt tensioner
  • Rigid OEM
    style mount bracket for supercharger, smog pump and alternator
  • Bracket will
    allow for direct interchange with the Novi 1500 and Novi 2200.
  • Inlet and
    discharge assemblies with roto-molded poly ducts, silicone sleeves, stainless
    steel clamps and high-flow air filter.
  • Replacement
    stainless steel engine coolant pipe assembly
  • New design
    allows for supercharger installation and operation without oil lines
  • Includes remote
    fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid
    changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle.

internal features:

  • Ventilated
    gear case assembly. Eliminates any potential internal pressure issues that
    are currently associated with non-vented competitive designs.
  • Integrated
    gear case baffling for proper oil control
  • Simple oil
    slinger design does not require separate shaft or bearing set. Provides
    proper fluid delivery to gears and bearings.
  • Supercharger
    contains 4 oz of special synthetic fluid. New units are shipped pre-filled
    with fluid. With complete supercharger kits, three 4 oz. bottles are included
    for future fluid changes.
  • Integrated
    dipstick for simple fluid checks (recommended at 2500 mile intervals)
  • Initial supercharger
    fluid change must be performed at 2,500 miles. The supercharger fluid must
    then be changed at least every 7,500 miles.


  • Due
    to the fuel system design on this vehicle, special ECM reprogramming may
    be required when additional aftermarket parts are added such as an MAF meter,
    enhanced air inlet ducting, smaller supercharger drive pulleys, large diameter
    headers/exhaust etc.
    Use of any other fluid than the special Paxton Novi SL lubricating fluid
    will void the warranty and may cause component failure.

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