Today’s Retro Torque – the 1999-2004  Ford SVT Lightning

The second generation Ford SVT 150 Lightning was introduced to the US market in 1999 and quickly became popular with enthusiasts for its impressive performance and car-like refinement. At its launch, the Lightning, built on the 10th generation F150 truck platform, produced 360 hp and 440 ft⋅lbf of torque, which was increased to 380 hp and 450 ft⋅lbf  of torque in 2001, enough for 0-60 mph in 5.2s. From 2002 to 2003, a Harley Davisdon edition F150 was released that used a detuned 340hp version of the same engine. Amazingly, during its 5 year production cycle, more than 28,000 of these trucks were produced. All of them were powered by Ford’s 5.4L Triton SOHC V8, with a little help from Eaton’s fourth generation M112 Roots-style supercharger.

At the time, the M112 supercharger was the biggest displacement supercharger in Eaton’s line up, having been originally developed for Jaguar’s new 4.2L V8 engine back in the late 90’s. The 112 cubic inch blower used Eaton’s 4th generation ‘island’ bearing plate and revised outlet port designs.  In today’s terms, it equates to a 1835cc displacement when compared to the newer TVS range, so slightly smaller than the popular TVS1900. It was the best match for the V8 Triton’s performance targets. However, there was a problem. The long M112 supercharger rotors would not allow packaging under hood due to the rear inlet being too close to the bulkhead to attach ducting.  Today’s solution would have been to use a front inlet, front drive design but that was not an option at the time, so the engineers at Ford and Eaton came up with a unique solution – they designed the inlet port into the top of the housing and used the space above the supercharger for the inlet duct.

Many of these superchargers are now over 20 years old and will benefit from some TLC from Superchargers Online to ensure they deliver peak performance for another 20 years.  SCOL is the only Eaton Authorized Service Center in North America and can rebuild your supercharger to as-new condition using original OEM parts. Everything from a new rotating group, complete with the 5th generation APC rotor coating, front cover bearings and seals, housing bearings, coupling, bypass components and fresh oil.  Every rebuilt supercharger is performance tested before being shipped back to you to give you peace of mind, and many more miles of smiles!

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