Supercharger Oil Change Instructions For Eaton/Magnuson with Standard Nose Cover / Snout, M45/M62/M90/M112/M122

These instructions will show you how to perform the oil change on your vehicle’s S/C unit. This can be performed on the vehicle, but it is recommended to remove the S/C from the vehicle and to perform these steps on a workbench (as shown in these instructions).

Oil Draining Procedure:

1– There are two ways to drain the oil from your S/C unit, one way is to start by removing the oil plug from the N/C with a 3/16” Allen socket. 

2– Then, by tipping the S/C upside down, let as much of the S/C oil drain out through the hole as possible. 

3– When the oil is finished draining out, you can now remove the 6 or 8 bolts (this varies depending on the S/C unit) with either a 10mm or a 12mm socket (once again, this varies depending on the S/C unit). 

4VERY IMPORTANT STEP!!! With the bolts removed, you can now break the loctite seal between the N/C and Rotating Group in order to break the N/C free and remove it from the S/C. However, it is possible that when breaking the N/C loose from the Rotating Group, you may also break the loctite seal between the Rotating Group and the S/C Housing, if this happens, you will have to remove the Rotating Group and reseal it to the S/C Housing. 

5– The other way to begin draining your oil is to skip straight to step 3 and to let the oil drain as you remove the N/C (this way is a little messier than following all steps in these instructions). *You can use the photo on step 4 as an example.*

N/C Prep/ Installation:

1– Before reinstalling your N/C, you will need to carefully clean off any of the old loctite sealant on both the N/C and the Rotating Group mating surfaces. 

2– With the two mating surfaces free of the old loctite, wipe down your two surfaces with some alcohol as the final cleaning step.

3– You should now be ready to apply the new loctite sealant to one of the two surfaces, we recommend putting it onto the N/C surface. You will want to run a small bead of loctite sealant around the perimeter of the N/C and also around each bolt hole.

4 IMPORTANT STEP! With the loctite in place and the Rotating Group surface clean, you can now place the N/C back onto the Rotating Group (MAKE SURE to have your coupler in place before reinstalling the N/C).

5– Apply some blue loctite to your N/C bolts and reinstall them into the S/C, tightening them to a torque of 18 ft-lbs. Tighten from the center out, using a circular pattern, to ensure even torquing. 

6– Wipe and clean off any excess loctite that squeezes out during the torque step.

Oil Fill Procedure:

*Click on the picture for a link to the product*

NOTE: We supply an 8 oz. bottle of oil to accommodate all S/C oil amounts, but the amount of oil used will depend on your application. You can find a list of our oil chart here:

1– Take your 8 oz. oil bottle and measure out the correct amount for your particular application.

2– Pour the S/C oil into the N/C through the oil fill hole.

3– Install and torque the new oil fill plug to 180 in-lbs.

You should now be finished with your S/C’s oil change and can reinstall the supercharger on your vehicle.

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7 thoughts on “Supercharger Oil Change Instructions For Eaton/Magnuson with Standard Nose Cover / Snout, M45/M62/M90/M112/M122

  1. After reading the instructions, I take it you cannot put the new oil into the supercharger with it still in the car.

  2. How do perform the oil change while SC is still on truck? Can I unscrew drain plug and drain?

      1. Do you guys perform the service on the vehicle if brought into your shop? If so whats the wait time?

  3. Hey, few questions here:

    1. Is it possible to suck the old oil with a pump or syringe while the SC is still on the car?
    2. If removed from the car, why not just drain the old oil from the plug, but you must disassemble and then assemble the front part/cover (don’t know the technical term)? Is it to clean the gears inside or why?

    1. The only way to properly drain the oil is to remove the nose drive casting or gear cover and drain it completely.

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