Eaton Supercharger Oil Chart

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Oil Chart for OEM applications with Eaton Superchargers

Genuine Eaton Supercharger Oil
We sell the correct, Eaton-approved synthetic oil for your supercharger.

Here is a list of how much oil is required for an Eaton Supercharger on OEM vehicles.

Only use the special supercharger oil that is made for the supercharger or you can cause damage to the supercharger.

OEM Application Rotor Type Oil Fill (fl oz)
Audi A6/S4 TVS / R1320 5.2
BMW / Mini 3-lobe / M45 4.9 + 1.4 (rear)
Mercedes M271 3-lobe / M45 4.6
Mercedes EVO M111 3-lobe / M45 3.7
Mercedes Clutched 3-lobe / M62 3.7
Ford 3-lobe / M24 1.2
Ford Super Coupe 3-lobe / M90 8.1
Ford Shelby GT500 3-lobe Hybrid / M122 4.7
Ford Harley-Davidson F150 3-lobe / M112 7.3
Ford Lightning 3-lobe / M112 7.3
Ford Cobra 3-lobe / M112 7.3
GM 3800 Series L67 3-lobe / M90 7.6
GM 3800 Series L32 3-lobe / M90 6.9
GM Cobalt SS LSJ 3-lobe / M62 3.4
GM Cadillac LS3 Northstar 3-lobe / M112 7.3
GM Cadillac LSA TVS / R1900 5.1
GM Corvette LS9 TVS / R2300 5.1
Jaguar AJ33 3-lobe / M112 7.3
Jaguar AJ43/44 3-lobe / M112 7.3
Jaguar AJ133 TVS / R1900 5.1
Nissan 3-lobe / M62 3.9
Volkswagen 3-lobe / M24 1.4
Manufacturer/Engine: Description: Oil fill (fl oz):
Edelbrock H122 rotating group 5.1
Edelbrock R900 rotating group 4.2
Edelbrock R1320 rotating group 4.2
Edelbrock R1740 rotating group 4.2
Edelbrock R1900 rotating group 5.1
Edelbrock R2300 rotating group 5.1
Edelbrock R2650 rotating group 5.1
Eaton 92-95 3.8L GM superchargers 4.9
Eaton 96-2000 3.8L GM superchargers 7.4
Eaton 89-95 Ford Super coupe 7.4
Eaton Ford Lightning 6.8
Eaton Nissan Frontier M62 4.9
Eaton 112 Jaguar 6.8
Eaton Mini Cooper 4.9 and 1.3
Magnuson Moss Motors Miata 1.6L/1.8L 3.2
Magnuson Jackson Racing Honda CCW M45/M62 4.1
Magnuson Jackson Racing Ford Focus M45 4.9
Magnuson Saleen M90 (3rd gen) 7.4
Magnuson Magnacharger/Allen engines 3rd gen M90 (F-150, Mustang) 7.4
Magnuson TRD landcruiser M90 (3rd gen) 7.4
Magnuson TRD 3.4L M62 (3rd gen) 4.9
Magnuson BMW-Downing Atlanta M45 4.9
Magnuson Z-Doctor/Explorer Express M90 (3rd gen) 7.4
Magnuson Turbo Performance M90 7.4
Magnuson TRD Matrix 1.8L 4th gen 4.1
Magnuson TRD 3.0L Camry 3.4
Magnuson TRD 2.4L/2.7L 4.1
Magnuson TRD 4.7L 5.1
Magnuson Saleen M90 (4th gen) 5.1
Magnuson Ford SVO 4.6L/5.4L 6.8
Magnuson Magnacharger M90 (top mount) GM 5.7L trucks and SUV’s 6.1
Magnuson Magnacharger M90 (side mount) 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L GM trucks and SUV’s 6.1
Magnuson Magnuson 112 jackshaft superchargers 4th/5th gen 6.1
Magnuson Pontiac Grand AM (extended N/C) 6.1
Magnuson Comptech/CT engineering (extended N/C) 6.1
Magnuson Cavalier (LD9) 3.4
Magnuson Radix 112 trucks/SUV’s/hummer 4.9
Magnuson TVS1900/2300 radix 7
Magnuson TVS1900/2300 jackshafts 6.9
LT4 TVS1740 4.1
LSA TVS1900 5.1
LS9 TVS2300 5.1
LS5 TVS2650 5.1

36 thoughts on “Eaton Supercharger Oil Chart

  1. i have a Magnuson MP62 on a 2013 Mazda MX5
    can I extract the oil with a simple hand pump
    therefore refilling it with the correct oil level.
    How many oz. is that correct level

    1. The only way to do it correctly is to remove the nose drive and drain it. With that said, the oil is good for 100K miles plus!

  2. Hi i have a audi s5 supercharger i take that its the same amount as s4 will be using the suction method to remove old oil would i be looking at getting all 5.2 fl o out or would it be less just through everyday usage its done 50,000 miles and what would be the tolerance if i put too much oil when refilled appreciate your help thanks

    1. The correct way to change the oil is to remove the cover and drain it completely. While the suction method is easier, it will not always get it all out of the gearcase.

  3. Can you provide the fill amount for a 2011 Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharger (the OEM kit). Thank you

  4. Fill amount for 2012 Tacoma TRD SC (Magnuson)? Also is there a part number for a replacement drain plug with o-ring? Just in case it gets damaged due to a wrong hex size.

  5. Hummer H2, year 2004 contents 6.0 Magnuson Supercharger.What oil and what viscosity belongs to the engine, synthetics or mineral and is it necessary to change the oil somewhere else in the compressor ??? Now I bought the vehicle and I would like some knowledge. ..Thank you, Johny

    1. The oil in the engine is the factory recommended fill. 5w-30

      The oil in the supercharger is does not need to be serviced before 100K miles. We have the supercharger oil in stock if needed.

  6. I need to change my m62 supercharger oil on M111957 engine. The problem no Eaton dealers are located in Egypt. Shipping services for a bottle of oil is a jeopardy and it might never arrive.
    My question is do you have any dealers in Egypt whom I don’t know about?
    Can you please advise if I used High Quality 80w/90 GL-5 to refill the m62 supercharger would this be OK or not?
    Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

      1. Hi Brian
        Thank you for your reply.
        Please confirm cost to ship to Cairo / Egypt. Kindly use my subscription email for correspondence if required.

  7. Hi Brian.

    Would it be possible that you could include the oil fill details for the Jaguar F-Type AJ126 V6 Eaton TVS / R1320 supercharger as they aren’t shown in the oil chart.

    Only the Jaguar AJ133 V8 Eaton TVS / R1900 supercharger details are shown in the chart.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi Brian.

    I’m looking for the oil fill details for the Jaguar F-Type AJ126 V6 Eaton TVS / R1320 supercharger. I can see the Audi A6/S4 details in your oil chart which show the Eaton TVS / R1320 but I’ve been informed that this is a completely different supercharger unit which has a more traditional configuration with the gears at the front so the oil bath is larger for the gears and the snout combined.

    I can also see the Jaguar AJ133 V8 Eaton TVS / R1900 supercharger is shown in the chart.

    Would it be possible that you could include the oil fill details for the Jaguar F-Type AJ126 V6 Eaton TVS / R1320 supercharger?

    Thanks in advance

  9. I have a 2nd gen TRD supercharger for the Toyota 3.4L V6, do you know what the exact oil capacity is for that unit? I have heard 8oz but cannot find it specified anywhere and the chart shows the m62 3rd gen at only 4.9oz.

  10. Good morning,

    I have an Eaton 45 supercharger with my Mercedes Benz M111.955 2001 C200 Kompressor. I am changing the oil and your chart states that my supercharger oil volume should 3.7 ounces. I have a bottle of ACDelco Supercharger Oil which is 4.0 ounces/118 ml. Do I measure out specifically 3.7 ounces or use the entire bottle. I don’t want to overfill the supercharger. Thanks so much for your help and have a great weekend!

    Best regards,

    Eric Schenck

  11. Don’t bother wasting your time responding to my question, after waiting 5 days for a response, I have continued on without hearing from you.

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I apologize for not getting back to you in a timely matter as I was on vacation and I was out of reach of technology. To answer your question, it is best practice to fill the oil in your supercharger to the specified fill only after draining out all of the oil completely. If you over fill it .3 of an OZ the world will not end and your supercharger will survive.

      In the future should you have an immediate need for an answer we can also be reached via email at and also through good ole Alexander G Bell via phone at 818-518-9889.

      Happy Boosting!

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