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(Universal Gauge Pod Mount show in picture above PN: VX-CD-1400)

Over the many years in which we have been specializing in superchargers, we have seen a lack of mounting options for gauges. And lets face it, gauges not only allow you to monitor performance, collect data to troubleshoot or make performance adjustments, but they also bring a great cosmetic look to the inside of your interior.

With all of these benefits that gauges offer it would seem that there are better mounting options out there? However, there is not. A lot of vehicles are left with one option, which is to mount them by your driver-side A-Pillar and other vehicles are left with no option at all.

Vumaxx has created a perfect solution for this lack of options to mount your gauges. They have created a universal gauge pod that can be mounted almost anywhere.

Now, why are we hyping this product up? To be honest with you it is very rare in which we run across a product that is this versatile, high in quality and is priced so low that I wholeheartedly feel this gauge pod might be one of the best-kept secrets in gauge mounting hardware that SuperchargersOnline has ever seen in the market.

So what makes this gauge pod so great?

First off lets talk about how versatile this gauge pod really is. These gauge pods come in two options. The first is a universal mount that can be mounted almost anywhere. The second is an A-Pillar-Kup that can be mounted on your stock A-Pillar both left or right side of the vehicle.


Universal Gauge Pod

Vumaxx has their universal gauge pod, which comes with 5-different mounting hardware. The 5-different mounting hardware will allow you to mount your gauges on roll bars, dashboards, outside of the vehicle, headliner, on the A-Pillars both right or left side, and pretty much any where you desire.



The Vumaxx APillar-Kup comes with 3-different mounting hardware and is specifically designed to mount on both, the left or right side A-Pillar. The APillar-Kup also is available in 2 different colors, of Black and light Grey. The light Grey is a great option for it is easier to paint a custom color and alot of interiors are grey.

With all of these different types of mounts, you can see why you can almost mount these gauge pods anywhere. Now, vehicles that do not have any gauge pods available can use the Vumaxx gauge pod mounts, or vehicles that want a unique mounting option can use these as well. The Vumaxx gauge pod mounts can also be used on both right hand drive or left hand drive vehicles. So it really opens your options on how and where to mount your gauges, to give you that clean custom look we all desire.


Quality and Price

Let’s face it we all want to save money, and at the same time we want a durable product that does not look poorly made or that will easily break on us. However, a lot of times you get what you paid for. Not here! Vumaxx has really created a quality durable gauge holder that is priced low. You can get 3-5 of the Vumaxx gauge pods for the price in which 1 single AutoMeter A-Pillar goes for.

The gauge pod construction is out of thick 1/8th inch molded plastic, and the mounts are made out of the same quality plastic with the same thickness. The Vumaxx Guade Pods will come not only all the different mounting options, but also an Alen Wrench to lock in your guage, and all of the bolts, screws, nuts and hardware neccessary.

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