Eaton Supercharger Oil Chart

Oil Chart for OEM applications with Eaton Superchargers

Here is a list of how much oil is required for an Eaton Supercharger on OEM vehicles. Only use the special supercharger oil that is made for the supercharger or you can cause damage to the supercharger.

OEM ApplicationRotor TypeOil Fill (fl oz)
Audi A6/S4TVS / R13205.2
BMW / Mini3-lobe / M454.9 + 1.4 (rear)
Mercedes M2713-lobe / M454.6
Mercedes EVO M1113-lobe / M453.7
Mercedes Clutched3-lobe / M623.7
Ford3-lobe / M241.2
Ford Super Coupe3-lobe / M908.1
Ford Shelby GT5003-lobe Hybrid / M1224.7
Ford Harley-Davidson F1503-lobe / M1127.3
Ford Lightning3-lobe / M1127.3
Ford Cobra3-lobe / M1127.3
GM 3800 Series L673-lobe / M907.6
GM 3800 Series L323-lobe / M906.9
GM Cobalt SS LSJ3-lobe / M623.4
GM Cadillac LS3 Northstar3-lobe / M1127.3
GM Cadillac LSATVS / R19005.1
GM Corvette LS9TVS / R23005.1
Jaguar AJ333-lobe / M1127.3
Jaguar AJ43/443-lobe / M1127.3
Jaguar AJ133TVS / R19005.1
Nissan3-lobe / M623.9
Volkswagen3-lobe / M241.4

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