Vortech V-3 Oil Change

How to change the oil in a Vortech V-3 Supercharger

The Vortech V-3 superchargers feature an internally lubricated transmission. This design allows for the supercharger installation and operation without oil lines. The Vortech V-3 Supercharger requires a special blend of synthetic oil in which needs to be checked every 2,500 miles and must be changed every 7,500 miles. This supercharger oil can be difficult to find since most local auto parts store will not offer it, however specialty shops like SuperchargersOnline can easily get a hold of it for you. Click Here for Oil.

Changing the Vortech V-3 supercharger oil is simple, and it normally will take 10-30 minutes to do so.




First locate the superchargers oil drain line, which is a braided stainless steel line that is located on the bottom of the Vortech supercharger.




Oil Drain

To drain the oil from the Vortech supercharger unscrew the ½” bolt that is located at the end of the superchargers oil drain line. Allow the supercharger oil to drain completely, then screw the ½’ bolt back into the superchargers oil drain line once the oil is drained.



Oil Fill

Now that the supercharger is drained of oil, locate the superchargers dipstick or vent plug that is located at the top of the supercharger. These brass plugs will require a 3/16” Allen Wrench to unscrew. Once the brass plug is unscrewed you will want to fill the supercharger with 4 ounces of the supercharger oil.






It is important not of overfill the supercharger with the oil! Check your supercharger dipstick to make sure the oil does not exceed the maximum fill line.

Once the supercharger oil level checks out fine, screw the superchargers oil dipstick back into the supercharger and make sure all bolts are tight.

Make sure you do not overfill the supercharger beyond the maximum oil level. If the supercharger has too much oil inside of the gear case it can cause the oil to expand and leak out of the seals within the supercharger. It is very important NOT to over fill the supercharger beyond the maximum oil level.



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  1. I have a v3 supercharger on my 2007 vett any idea how much additional horsepower I will get with it I also have headers and billy boat exhaust system my engine is a ls2 6.0 thanks

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