How to install a Nissan 350z Vortech Supercharger System.

The following installation overview is designed to give you an idea of what is involved in installing a Vortech Intercooled Supercharger System on a 2004 Nissan 350z.

Installation Info
Location: 7901 Canoga Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304
Vehicle: 2004 Nissan 350z
Supercharger System: Vortech Air-to-Air Intercooled Supercharger System for Nissan 350z (Click Here)
Selected Boost: 6-7psi

Ratings (Scale of 1-10, 10 being the best)
Packaging: 8
Installation manual: 8
Ease of installation: 8
Appearance of system: 10
Quality of supercharger: 10
Quality of accessories/hardware: 10
Overall value of system: 8
Performance (low-end): 6
Performance (mid-range): 9
Performance (top-end): 10
Overall Rating: 9

Tools & Supply Requirements

  • 2.5″ Hole Saw
  • 1/8″, 11/64″ Drill Bits
  • Drill Motor
  • Stepless Clamp Crimping Pliers
  • Seal Cutter
  • Gasket Scraper
  • Silicone RTV (Permatex Ultra Grey: 82194 or equivalent)
  • Factory Repair Manual (Recommended)
  • 3/8″ Socket and Drive Set: SAE & Metric
  • 1/2″ Socket and Drive Set: SAE & Metric
  • 3/8″ NPT Tap and Handle
  • Open End Wrenches: SAE & Metric
  • Center Punch
  • Springlock 5/16″ Fuel Fitting Disconnect Tool

Step-by-Step Installation Overview


After a complete inventory of the kit. I proceeded with the disassemble of the engine. Here’s how it looked before I started.

2. After removing the engine cover, we started on assembling the supercharger bracket. We used silicon on the backside of the bracket to hold the washers and spacers in place. This will prevent the spacers from moving or falling out of place when bolting the bracket into the engine.
3. Here is a close up look on how the cog belt is setup. (The cog belt spins the supercharger pulley, which is located on the backside of the main supercharger bracket.)
4. After removing the underbelly cover we started to work on the fuel pump. (Make sure all fuel lines are tighten to prevent fuel leaks.)
5. Next we moved onto the FMU. The FMU lines run into the Fuel Pump. And the vacuum goes into any positive vacuum source. (The FMU is used to build up fuel pressure when under boost. This prevents the engine from leaning out under boost.)
6. Now it is time to tap the oil pan. Here is a picture after it is done. (Be very careful not to drop the special tool that Vortech provides into the oil pan. If it falls into it you will need to remove the whole oil pan to fish it out.) The oil return line connects from the oil pan and runs all the way up to the supercharger head. The tapping of the oil pan must be above the oil level or else the oil cannot drain properly. Make sure the oil return line has no kinks in it for it has to drain freely into the oil pan.
7. We then proceeded to hook up the tee fittings for the oil feed line. This tee will connect to the supercharger head unit, providing the supercharger head unit with oil.
8. Now that most of the work is done it was time to start on the intercooler install. First you have to remove the front bumper. We then attached the brackets to the bottom of the vehicle to provide the intercooler with support. (Vortech installation manual says to remove the support bracket after the main intercooler bracket is installed. We left them on so that it will provide the intercooler with additional support.)
9. Here is a close up look on where to place the main intercooler bracket. (Only one side has a bracket.)
10. It was now time to install the main supercharger bracket onto the engine. Since everything was pre-assembled it made the install easy. (It is very important to install the high flow air filter before you install the supercharger bracket.)
11. One of the coolant lines has to run behind the main supercharger bracket. Make sure the hose is not sticking up to high or else the hood will have trouble closing. Be careful not to kink the hose.
12. The hardest part of the install was installing the intercooler pipes. The sleeves fit very tight which made it so difficult. Here is a close up of the mass air meter and some piping.
13. We then located the ECU so that we can install the Split Second Timing Box. (We pulled the ECU out of the interior so that it was easier to work on. Vortech instructions were very clear and provided a color code for each wire. This by far is the most discouraging part of the install, however is simple once you start working on it.
14. We then connected all hoses and loose wires and made sure everything looked secured. Now it is time to smoke some tires.


Question: Please provide us with a general overview of how the installation procedure went.
Answer: The installation was very straight forward. I Just followed the directions to the letter and really encountered no problems to speak of.

Question: How long did the installation take?
Answer: Approx 10 hours.

Question: What was the most difficult part of the installation?
Answer: Installing all the intercooler piping. The sleeves fit very tight and the tubes are all in tight places.

Question: What was the easiest part of the installation?
Answer: Assembling the main supercharger bracket.

Question: Was the installation manual easy to understand?
Answer: Yes, everything was straight forward!

Question: Did anything about the installation process surprise you?
Answers: No, everything fit like it should.

Question: Were any strange tools required for the installation?
Answer: A die grinder is needed to cut the plastic engine cover. Also, Vortech provides an arbor tool to help with the tapping of the oil pan. There is a list of tools required in the instructions, but nothing out of the ordinary. Torque wrenches are a must.

Question: Let’s say I have installed an exhaust system and air filter on my vehicle myself without much difficulty. I am not a mechanic, but I know my way around the engine. Should I attempt this installation myself, or should I take it to a professional?
Answer: If you’re confidant in your abilities I say go for it. Just take your time and follow the directions step by step. But if you’re apperhensive, I would have a professional do it.

Question: Please describe your first impressions of the supercharger’s performance after driving the vehicle for the first time with the supercharger installed.
Answer: WOW! It’s amazing! The supercharger gives the 350z the power that it deserves. The power comes on pretty strong and it just keeps on pulling. I also love the sound of the supercharger. At idle it gives out a pleasant whine sound and when shifting gears the by-pass valve makes a loud whoosh sound. My Fairlady Z sounds so aggressive now.

Supercharger System: Vortech Air-to-Air Intercooled Supercharger System for Nissan 350z (Click Here) 

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