Replace your Vortech oil nozzle and feed line!

This new product from HP Stainless caught our eye because it solves several concerns and problems that many Vortech supercharger owners ask us about. If you have ever broken the oil-feed nozzle on your Vortech supercharger, or if you would simply like to improve the look of the oil pressure feed line and nozzle, HP Stainless’s new nozzle replacement kit is the perfect product for you. Machined from 303 Stainless steel, this nozzle is an exact replacement for your OEM brass nozzle, only it has MUCH greater tensile strength and lasting ability – plus it provides a super-clean look! Sold as a complete oil. feed assembly, this kit includes the stainless nozzle and screen, new copper seal, stainless braided hose line, and Aircraft quality “AN” stainless steel fittings. All kits are custom made to fit each application as designed by Vortech Engineering, LLC.

When we got our hands on one of HP Stainless’s oil feed nozzle kits, we decided to put it to the test on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe equipped with an SQ S-Trim Vortech supercharger. Upon opening the package, we instantly fell in love with the stainless steel fittings and steel-braided lines – not that we don’t like Vortech’s ruby red rubber hose – we just prefer the stainless look :). The kit featured very high quality components – “AN” fittings and even Adel clamps to secure the new lines!

Installation was a breeze – we completed the installation a single lunch break using basic hand tools. The supplied installation instructions were great, but we found the installation was so easy that we didn’t even need them. For product info and pricing, click here. Here’s how the installation went:

1. Here’s the stock Vortech rubber hose and brass fittings next to our new HP Stainless replacement kit – clean!
2. Our stock Vortech setup – looks nice, but we like stainless!
3. Simply disconnect the stock hose and swivel hose fitting from the stock brass nozzle. then remove the fire sleeve from the rubber line and slide over one end of the new stainless line.
4. Replace the stock brass fittings and nozzle with new stainless fittings and nozzle included with the kit.
5. Connect all lines and secure with supplied Adel clamps – check for tightness. Check for any leaks. Lastly, do a big burnout and go find some competition on the streets (not really).

For product info and pricing, click here.

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