How-to: Install a MagnaCharger RADIX Supercharger System on a GM

The following installation overview is designed to give you an idea of what is involved in installing a MagnaCharger RADIX Intercooled Supercharger System on a 4.8L, 5.3L, or 6.0L GM Truck. Special thanks to customer Chris Sandman for his help in creating this article on MagnaCharger Superchargers.

Installation Info
Installer(s): Chris Sandman
Location: Brewerton, New York
Vehicle: 2002 Chevy Silverado ext. cab 4X4 5.3L
Supercharger System: Magna Charger RADIX Intercooled Supercharger System for 1999-2006 GM Truck/SUV w/ 4.8/5.3/6.0L (Silver Stardust & Polished) Selected Boost: 6psi

Ratings (Scale of 1-10, 10 being the best)
Packaging: 10
Installation manual: 8
Ease of installation: 9
Appearance of system: 10
Quality of supercharger: 10
Quality of accessories/hardware: 10
Overall value of system: 10
Performance (low-end): 10
Performance (mid-range): 10
Performance (top-end): 10
Overall Rating: 10

Step-by-Step Installation Overview


After a complete inventory of the kit. I proceeded with the disassembly of the engine. Here’s how the MagnaCharger looked before I started.

2. Remove engine cover and disconnect the intake tube and throttle cables. The intake tube gets set aside in the parts no longer needed box.
3. Next, I disconnect all the electrical connections associated with the intake manifold. I labeled mine with tape to eliminate any confusion during reassembly. Don’t fotget to Drain the coolant.
4. After relieving the residual fuel pressure, disconnect the fuel supply and return lines using the supplied tool. disconnect the vacume lines and anything else connected to the intake manifold, and throttle body.
5. Loosen the intake manifold bolts and remove the entire intake manifold assembly.
6. Next I vacumed the engine clean, and taped the intake ports off so no dirt and debries could get inside the engine.
7. After I removed the belt and alternater I clearanced the alternater bracket with a die grinder. Next I installed the coolant crossover pipe per the instructions. I had to bend my tube just a touch to get around that bolt head. A gentle touch and a little patience was all that was needed here.
8. The MagnaCharger for the most part comes preassembled, which is great. I only had to install the intake elbow using the supplied sealant, and the fuel line connection block on the fuel rail. Its important to follow the instructions very carefully when installing the fuel line connectors and the fuel pressure regulator. make sure you get the o-rings and fittings in their proper places.
9. Next I installed the fuel vapor recovery solenoid, fuel line connector block, manifold air pressure sensor, brake booster hose, intake manifold gaskets, and any other vacume lines that can be preinstalled.
10. Now for the hard part. With help, install the intake manifold and supercharger assembly to the top of the engine. I found it easiest to actually sit on the upper radiator support and straddle the engine. Making sure not to damage the intake manifold gaskets, my help passed me the unit, and helped move hoses and wires out of the way while I set it in place. torque the manifold to spec. using a torque wrench.
11. Install the throttle body and hook up the coolant line. Next I installed the new belt tensioner bracket, alternator, supercharger snout support, and the belt.
12. Using the supplied wire and connectors, I lengthened the throttle position sensor and idle air control motor wires.
13. Because the intake air temp sensor in incorporated with the mass air flow sensor, it is necessary to access the intake air temp sensor wires and lengthen them in order to reach the new air temp sensor installed on top of the intake manifold. Cover all the wires with black wire covering and thats pretty much it for the electrical part.
14. Next, I installed the new K&N air filter. Whew, that was a tough one.
15. Install the new plastic intake tube, reconnect all of the electrical connectors, fuel lines, and the throttle and cruise control cables.
16. Next, I removed the grille and installed the intercooler radiator. Just a quick note, If your using a billet grille insert like I am (overlay’s should be fine), the intercooler radiator will not fit using the supplied hardware. Just E-mail me and I’ll tell you how I made it work.
17. Next, carefully following the instructions, I installed and connected the supplemental fuel pump on the inside frame rail next to the fuel filter.
18. Here is a view of the completed MagnaCharger supercharger installation. It looks clean and something that might come from the factory. Nice!
19. Don’t forget to hook up the fuel pump.
20. Ready to roll.

We asked Chris the following general questions about the installation procedure of the Magna Charger supercharger.

Question: Please provide us with a general overview of how the installation procedure went for the MagnaCharger.
Answer: The installation was very straight forward. I Just followed the directions to the letter and really encountered no problems to speak of.

Question: How long did the MagnaCharger supercharger installation take?
Answer: Approx 9 hours.

Question: What was the most difficult part of the supercharger installation?
Answer: Installing the assembled supercharger/intake manifold. Its heavy and a bit ackward.

Question: What was the easiest part of the supercharger installation?
Answer: K&N air filter.

Question: Was the MagnaCharger supercharger installation manual easy to understand?
Answer: Yes, and the color pictures definately help!

Question: Did anything about the supercharger installation process surprise you?
Answers: No, Its very straight forward. Everything fit like it should.

Question: Were any strange tools required for the installation?
Answer: No, but a die grinder is needed to clearance the alternator bracket. There is a list of tools required in the instructions, but nothing out of the ordinary. Torque wrenches are a must.

Question: Let’s say I have installed an exhaust system and air filter on my vehicle myself without much difficulty. I am not a mechanic, but I know my way around the engine. Should I attempt this installation myself, or should I take it to a professional?
Answer: If you’re confidant in your abilities I say go for it. Just take your time and follow the directions step by step. But if you’re apperhensive, I would have a professional do it.

Question: Please describe your first impressions of the supercharger’s performance after driving the vehicle for the first time with the MagnaCharger supercharger installed.
Answer: Holy cow! Its amazing that a 5000 lb. + vehicle can get up and move like that. It just keeps on pulling.

General comments: First, I would like to thank the team at Superchargersonline for their professionalism, and commitment to customer service. Also, I would like to thank Kevin Gunn and the entire technical support team at Magnacharger, they ansewerend all of my questions and actually ansewerd the phone when I called. nobody likes voicemail when you really need to speak with someone that has the ansewers. I thought the MagnaCharger supercharger kit was well thought out and built very well. That also goes for the accessories. The use of OEM gaskets, connectors, and seals was a welcome surprise. The components definately look like their built to last the life of the truck. Most of all, The trucks performance definately speaks for itself.

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