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What’s all the buzz about the new VF-Engineering Supercharger Systems? Check out this Tech Article, featuring FAQ’s for VF-Engineering’s VW Golf/Jetta Supercharger Kit, and see for yourself!


The Team:
The VF-Engineering management and engineering team derive their experience from 7 years of supercharging modern sports cars such as the Lotus, VW, BMW and Opel. Joint projects and partnerships with firms in the UK and Switzerland have given us the opportunity to market in Europe and obtain the latest information on newly released vehicles. Simplicity in design and performance is the key spec that our chief engineer strives towards.

VF-Engineering Advantage:
VF-Engineering works with industry leaders in all aspects of its product. Proprietary Fuel management software is written by GIAC with extensive testing and feedback provided by VF Engineers. Fuel management with re-written ECU software is one of the key elements to a supercharger kit as it is the same principal as used by car manufacturers.

The Vortech supercharger is the heart of the VF-Engineering supercharger kits. It is built form a cast aluminum design used for almost 10 years. The patented Vortech design is used in a wide range of applications from industrial blowers to 200+ mph race cars. VF-Engineering works with Vortech engineers in aspects ranging from product design to production. This enables us to offer our unrivaled 3 year unlimited mileage warranty on all major parts.

Kits are engineered and built to tolerance as a complete product, each part designed to fit without interfering with stock parts. Everything you need is provided, from silicon hoses to hose clamps and plated grade 12.8 hardware. Fuel re-mapping is supplied with a recalibrated ECU software chip that is tested for optimum lambda (O2). VF-Engineering research and development department continues to prototype and develop kits for new model vehicles as they enter into the market. BMW, Audi, Mercedes are among many of the brand names that they have in development.


Compared to other kits on the market, do I need to drill and tap a hole in my engine block for the oil feed line to the supercharger?
Absolutely not. The VF-E supercharger kit is supplied with a T-piece fitting to use on the oil pressure switch. You remove the switch from the oil filter housing and screw it and the oil line into the T and then the T into the oil filter housing. It is plug and play!

Can I purchase a tapped oil-pan (sump) from VF-Engineering?
No. The oil return line is connected to the oil pan with a race industry quality hose and fitting. The pan does not need to be removed for the fitting to be attached. A special broach cutter tool is provided in the kit to pierce the oil pan and a special tap for the pan to be threaded is also included. A full explanation is provided in our instructions, which details how to avoid metal shards entering into the pan.

What about belt slippage problems?
With this newly (Dec 03) designed product we have increased the amount of serpentine belt wrap around the supercharger pulley, which has cleared up this problem. Furthermore this kit has eliminated the need for an additional idler pulley or tensioner bracket!

Will this kit work with HIDs or aftermarket front bumpers?
The HIDs compatibility has not been tested at our factory, however we believe the electrical connector plug chaffs against the supercharger. One tuning shop that fitted our kit successfully used machined spacers to space the HID outward to clear the supercharger. We have not had any compatibility issues with aftermarket front bumpers.

Will I get Check Engine Lights (CELs)?
The supercharger kit has been carefully designed to run in harmony with the engine sensors. The Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor has been relocated and a pressure relief system has been integrated with a Bosch overrun valve. This reduces engine load on idle and part throttle. Our software has been thoroughly tested and has not caused any CELs during our entire testing. Our product comes with software and customer support. If your kit is fitted to an otherwise non-modified engine and you experience a CEL, we provide full support. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I change the pulley for more boost by myself?
Breaking the seal on the pulley retainer screw will void the supercharger warranty. If you choose to change the pulley yourself, we cannot speculate that the belt alignment will be correct as our pulleys are all custom manufactured.

If I increase the boost myself will the fueling be safe?
No. Our kits are sold as a packaged product with the fueling software provided on a chip that is designed and extensively tested with that setup. By changing the boost level, the car will run lean. This is why we create several stages of boost for increased power. Each stage is a carefully designed upgrade kit that contains a remapped fuel management chip with bigger injectors and a pulley to increase boost.

Do you have California Air Resources Board approval?
Not yet. We have scheduled to apply for Exemption Orders (EOs) for all our kits and for all stages of power. However each stage kit must be complete prior to our application.

Why cant I just buy stage3 without stage 2?
Our kits are designed in a modular form, with each stage depending on components supplied in the previous stage. For example Stage 2 contains higher capacity fuel injectors that are carefully sized to support both stage 2 and 3 boost levels with the appropriate chip. Each stage is designed as a kit of parts that is to be added to the previous. There is no duplication of expensive p arts and as such cost is kept as low as possible.

Can I change the Overrun valve to a Blow Off Valve (BOV) or change it with a similar aftermarket item?
By using a BOV you will be dumping metered air that will cause drivability and stalling issues. If you change the Overrun (recirculation) valve, the variation of spring rates in the valve will cause the valve to open at different pressures and hence cause drivability problems as our software is designed to operate with the Bosch valve supplied in our kit.

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