**NEW** SuperchargersOnline Discussion Forums!

SuperchargersOnline.com is proud to announce the grand opening of its discussion forums. This interactive addition to our community will allow you to communicate with and learn from other enthusiasts just like you.

By launching these forums, we hope to help you build the largest supercharger technical network in the world. The size and success of these forums will depend on how you use them. We ask that all of you contribute what you can to get these forums off the ground. At SuperchargersOnline.com, we will monitor the forums and provide technical advice whenever we can. We are also working with the major manufacturers to try to get their technicians involved as forum moderators. Of course, the more you use these forums, the better of a resource it will become, so please register today and start posting what you know.

If you have any recommendations about how we can improve our forums, or if you would like to see a new category added to our forums, please let us know by e-mailing forums@superchargersonline.com.

Get started now – visit our new forums at http://www.superchargersonline.com/forum.

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